Platinum Options

Risk Statement

Investments can have risk. All Clients should be aware that regardless of the type of investment or security being invested in, all securities carry risk. Each Client should assess their free capital and desire for risk and make decisions accordingly. Some of the highest potential returns are also higher in risk than others. Platinum Options does not control or have any power over the potential profit or loss the Client may endure.


Local taxes and laws may change the amount of returns the Client can expect if changes or updates are made to the aforementioned. Platinum Options recommends that each Client understands their personal financial and legal situations prior to engaging with Binary Option Trading, this can include advisors on tax and finances. The only investment funds that should be used to trade Binary Options is risk capital.


  1. 1. Concentration Risk: The risk associated with investing in fewer classes of securities as opposed to diversification of the Portfolio.


  1. 2. Counter party Risk: The risk with trading Binary Options related to the potential the provider may not be able to provide all of its commitments that could affect the Client and result in loss. Platinum Options, provider of Binary Options, is the counter party to each trade. Resulting in the potential risk of illiquidity in the case that Platinum Options becomes Insolvent. We have put in place all necessary precautions to prevent an event such as this from occurring and the Client assumes this risk as the Client engages in trading with Platinum Options.


  1. 3. Market Risk: The risk that the markets volatility or movement is unforeseen to the Client and results in a potential loss due to error in analysis by the Client.


  1. 4. Derivative Risk: The risk associated with Binary Options being a derivative of the Forex market and being tied to the movement that can affect the currency pairs in the live market.


  1. (a) Slippage Risk: The risk that the Client may wish to enter the market at a certain price but due to market volatility, internet connection, third party data, etc., may result in a different position than was intended.


(b) Delays in Execution: The risk that the Client may seek to make a trade but will be delayed or will not be able to access that trade. This could result from internet connection, server issues with the third party or broker.


(c) Reset Orders: The risk that the Client may not be able to enter an order due to extremely high volumes of orders. This may result in a delay of available entry points on a given trade.


(d) Unavailable Price: The risk that the Currency pairs may not be available to trade or the information required to provide trading data is not available to Platinum Options.


(e) Hedging Risk: The risk that is associated with taking a position in Binary Options to hedge another position held in the market. This may hedge the Client or could result in loss due to conversion rates, taxes, etc. Each Client should properly assess the potential costs associated with hedging other securities.


(f) Interest Risk: The risk that foreign currencies could result in different returns for the Client if exchanging between currencies is made.


(g) Regulatory Risk: Government policy changes, regulations, and laws all could affect how Clients and the Company are able to conduct themselves. This could affect the availability or cost of Platinum Options services.


(h) Systems Risk: The risk that the system related to software, hardware, third party provided information, internet connection, etc. could result in risk or potential losses. Platinum Options assumes no responsibility for these errors and seeks to prevent them from happening. In cases of suspected fraud, Platinum Options would conduct a full investigation and if found, all legal recourses will be taken.


(i) Cool Down Risk: Platinum Options assumes no cool down risk from the Client. If the Client has entered into a trade, the Client cannot return the trade due to change of mind or any other circumstance.


  1. 6. Platinum Options maintains the right to terminate transactions made by the Client:


(a) Terminate or reject any trade made the Client that falls within the Companys fair judgement


(b) Institute limits for the Client with regards to size of trades or total number of potential entries.


(c) Terminate and/or expel a Client from Platinum Options


(d) Change any Binary Option trade the Client has made without restrictions


  1. 7. In addition to the above stated Platinum Options may refuse orders with the Client with regards to the following:


(a) Failures sustained to the trading system, including market issues, internet connections, trading data provided via third parties, or other communications.


(b) Security breaches to the platform of Platinum Options

(c) Breaches to the agreements stated by Platinum Options to the Client.


(d) Lack of compliance to the laws and regulations governing the Company or the Client.


(e) Volatility in the market creating unstable trading conditions


(f) Lack of liquidity in the potential trade at a given time frame.


(g) All rights by Platinum Options should be considered and Platinum Options assumes all rights to implement its procedures and code of conducts.