Platinum Options

Confidentiality Policy

Platinum Options strives to maintain privacy, security, and confidentiality for users of


  1. As Clients seek to trade and create an account with Platinum Options, information must be shared from the Client to the Company. We seek to maintain security and verification of all users to ensure that only the verified person may access the created account.


  1. All information provided by the Client to the Company must be true and accurate. We do not allow traders to trade on others behalves and any suspicion of intent to commit fraud will immediately be flagged and appropriate measure will be taken.


  1. Platinum Options collect freely shared information from the Client to aid in Company information and profile creation. Cookies and other programs are used to maintain security to the site.


  1. Platinum Options has a strict privacy policy. We will never share information on our current or previous clients unless required by law.


  1. When the Client creates an account with The Company, the Client offers to interact with the products and services that the Company offers. All information provided to the Company will be used to verify the Client in times where a dispute may take place.


  1. Platinum Options is data encrypted to protect the Client as well as the Company from foreign threats and data leaks to protect the Clients confidentiality.


  1. Platinum Options may contact the Client for the purpose of providing special offers about Binary Option trading. Additionally, The Company may contact the Client, if necessary, to provide more information to the Client about Binary Option trading. The method of contact may be Phone or Email. If the Client does not wish for this type of service the Client can decline via email.